Reduce losses from short-dated and slow-moving items in a healthy and low-friction way.

We offer the best channel for buying and selling SKUs with short dates or low sales performance, without cannibalization and with total control and visibility of the sales flow.

With our solution, food manufacturers can reduce their losses from short-dated products in a healthy and low-friction manner, without fear of channel conflict or needing to manage a parallel sales process just for slow-moving or short-dated products.
We offer the following benefits:
Centralization of information and handling of issues related to slow-moving and short-dated products;

Stronger brand presence in regions or sales channels that are underexplored;

AI for automatic discount strategy to maximize the sale value of products in slow-moving and short-dated situations, according to demand forecasting.

Aggregators and retailers now have easy and centralized access to highly discounted products from the manufacturer, which can be used to reduce their purchasing costs or to explore new products in their sales portfolio with reduced risk.

We offer the following benefits:

– Aumento do faturamento através da venda oportunística de novos produtos para base de clientes já existentes;

 Increase in revenue through opportunistic sales of new products to an existing customer base;

Facilitation of the process for accessing and purchasing opportunities for short-dated and slow-moving products;

How it works

Data Consolidation

We import your spreadsheets or connect to your ERP to consolidate all information on short-dated and slow-moving products in one place.

Discount Strategy

We use Machine Learning algorithms and demand forecasting to assist in your discount strategy. Say goodbye to unnecessary 50% price cuts!

Sales and Distribution

We find the best sales channel for product distribution, adhering to the rules and specifics of your business. Avoiding cannibalization and brand deterioration is our priority.

Uncomplicated Logistics

We simplify logistics, whether it's carried out by the product supplier or outsourced. We ensure minimum order rules and delivery conditions by region.

Turn Loss into Profit

Complexities in inventory management, seasonality patterns, and canceled purchases are some of the reasons that can lead to slow-moving products or those at risk of expiration. We help distribute these products without unnecessary price cuts and without creating cannibalization.

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Recovered Value

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Sales rate

AI-Facilitated Opportunistic Buying and Selling

We use a combination of AI algorithms and specialized human curation to find the perfect match between buyers and sellers that best benefits both parties. We minimize industry loss and distributor risk in purchasing products.

Match Between Buyers and Sellers

We find the best sales channel for product distribution, minimizing industry losses and conflicts while maximizing distributor opportunities and gains.

Total Control Over Sales Channels

Complete transparency over sales channels and absolute control over visibility and purchasing rules. Our AI offers an intelligent match that minimizes the chances of cannibalization.

Information on Slow-Moving and Short-Dated Products in One Place

Email exchanges involving spreadsheets and negotiations can become complex and lead to loss of information. With this in mind, we import all your information on short-dated and slow-moving products into one place, simplifying your management and allowing for total visibility of related metrics and KPIs.

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